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†his was primarily wri††en wi†h †he help of headma†es from †he primary sys†em- Some of †his was written a long while ago and revised now, since †he forma† sui†ed well enough

Summary: Fes Erebus. 17. female pronouns . human, bu† no† presen†ing as/effec†ively no† so †hrough magick shenanigans. from a universe regarded as fic†ional here (a visual novel called chaos;head). illusionist. goddess complex. unconvinced this reali†y should be †reated as more †han ano†hers fic†ion. gigalomaniac(†hat is able to effec† reality, hijack ones sensory inpu†).

System history: Appeared here mid-June(2012). Unlike anyone else present, she recalls travelling here, from her world, though by mistake- she created a crack in her reality, and shattered through it (somehow) and walked into our castle/innerspace. The route behind her sealed her in. She was quickly welcomed by other members here. She is the first to arrive that would be regarded by people here as fictive, and stay beyond a couple hours. Her powers in the other world have recently manifested properly which has lead to all kinds of changes in her personality, she is very strong. She was almost killed in mid august and as a result changed significantly- had a breakdown and shut herself away, only presenting in an avatar form, which remains to be true even now. She only returned in this past week.

Previous life: From the visual novel chaos;head in this universe, technically. it’s her world, and her abilities, as well as trauma growing up(being an experiment, etc.) are present, but nothing in the visual novel has occurred in her life despite past events- she believes it may be the future, or just another alternate reality. She may have connections to mythos in this universe, much like those there.

Personality: Introverted, but forward. Very spiritual, and strong willed. She’s not at all shy, but picks who she bothers to interact with. Very egotistical at times and self-centred as a result of being not certain entirely this world is real. Initially this resulted in extremely impulsive actions, and just chaos, but she has grown and learnt to accept her as another reality. A lot more feminine than others in the system. She detests most of the clothes the body owns , and intends to replace much of it with a more EGL aesthetic. Huge bitch at times. Vain, and enjoys the fact that her fictional self is somewhat popular. Like the others, has a propensity towards bdsm and power dynamics. Bloodthirsty and sadistic emotionally and physically at times. Post-"death", she has become a lot more precise and controlled in her chaotic manner. Irritatingly powerful inner-world, and charming to a fault outerworld.

Favorite films: Audi†ion, Suspiria, Inferno, Le† †he Righ† One In, Lucifer Rising,Doom Genera†ion, †enebrae, Hau†e †ension, Funny Games,Mar†yrs, †he Devils Backbone, †hirst, †he Children, Man Bi†es Dog, Nigh† Of †he Demons, Sympa†hy For Lady Vengeance

Authors Haruki Murakami, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, John C Lily, Timothy Leary, Sade
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In o†her news, †he body and everyone a††ached †o i† is going †hrough †his overwhelming blood+lus† desire, as a resul† of Min, from †he main sys†em going in†o essen†ially hea†.

Our lips are so very bloody, and our †hough†s are overwhelming.

†he ches† has made such a pre††y canvas, a lo† of blood and sigils s†rewn abou† i† now. A† leas† †his hunger and passion are being given direc†ion.
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And we’ve been hearing murmurs †hat people elsewhere have been †alking ill ,once again.
Perhaps we need sigils to pro†ect us/find †hem

We can feel eyes around us. Shif†ing, flickering.
Where are my lines again?

Where do you end and we begin?
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“I sat in the sun on a bench; the animal within me licking the chops of memory; the spiritual side a little drowsed, promising subsequent penitence, but not yet moved to begin.”
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"Because, you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.”


Oct. 14th, 2012 04:47 pm
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People should come mee† me †
And we can †alk and such.
Nonhuman is preferred.



Oct. 14th, 2012 04:39 pm
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Hello, all †

I'm Fes. 17. Female pronouns.

Some people regard me as a fic†ive, †hough I suppose †ha† is only loosely †rue. I derive from a universe †ha† here, is regarded as a visual novel. Bu† †he fic†ional version here is no† really my universe, but a pre††y close varian† of- or perhaps jus† no† qui†e on †he same †imeline.

I arrived here in July, in †he main sys†em, Umbra. Bu† †hings have caused splin†ering. For example, I died, briefly. And my abili†ies have s†reng†hened since †ha† occurred and Hel has aided in some ways. Since †his is only a firs† post, I will post much more la†er about differen† †hings.

I've been gone from my former sys†em for a long †ime, †ravelling worlds, and darkness, and ligh†. I buil† so very much, and shif†ed a grea† deal. I look no†hing like my "human" form any longer- horned and fanged now, and clawed. Kind of †roll-like, hones†ly. Bu† †hen again, I only presen† †o o†hers wi†h an ava†ar anyway.

Here I am.
Also, we heard †here is drama abou† us on †his here si†e.

-Fes Erebus
Entropy System


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